Event Advertising


Target Your Audience at Events

Event Targeting

Special events are essential to the home building industry. From open houses to community closeouts, tradeshows to award shows, HomeBuilder Proximity can create custom, event-based advertising to target your key buyers. Pick your location, tell us your dates, and we can target any and all events to reach your buyers, even during simultaneous events. Yes, it really is that easy.

What You Get

Open Houses / Close Outs

From start to finish

We cover every step of home building from ground-breaking openings to community close outs.

Realtor Parties

Targeted social hour

Capturing competitor’s devices is a great way to keep your name in the game and stay ahead of the rest.

Special Events

Conferences, tradeshows, award shows and more

Our location-based marketing can target any short-term event from tradeshows to award shows.

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