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Location-Based Marketing

The process of sending advertisements to predefined geolocations though location-aware mobile apps. Through open apps on mobile devices, we are able to capture a potential home buyer’s device identification in a geo target location and send ads to those captured devices in real-time.

Target location is a key component to the success of a location-based marketing campaign. Each target is determined by our clients, pinpointed with our advanced satellite technology, approved by our clients, and launched to capture the most qualified home buyer leads.

With over 20 years of experience in the homebuilding industry, we understand how expensive traditional location-based marketing solutions like billboards and community signage are, which is what sets us apart. For a fraction of traditional location-based advertising costs, our mobile technology allows our clients to optimize their marketing budget, target their potential home buyers in real-time, and give our clients the competitive edge!

Choose the strategy that fits your needs.

Targeted Advertising

Our direct-to-consumer advertising is a perfect fit for any organization. You pick your targets, we deliver your ads, and you see results.

Event Advertising

From open houses to community closeouts, tradeshows to award shows, we can create custom, event-based advertising to target your key buyers.

Customized Advertising

We realize that not all marketing efforts fit into one category, which is why we offer tailored advertising campaigns to fit all your marketing needs.

How it works

We use superior location-based technology to provide direct digital marketing ads to your home buyers. We capture mobile devices and deliver ads in real-time. We use industry-leading technology to measure campaign performance by providing an integrated view of each campaign with a built-in conversion zone system.

A conversion zone is the initial target area that captures the number of devices that enter a specified location and then enter into your model home. Exact model home locations are not always known in the home building industry and present potential pitfalls for Google searches and satellite images. Through newer technologies, our innovative pinpoint tracking system, enables us to locate unidentifiable targets and deliver ads to your clients in real-time.

Enhanced technology combined with our superior campaign reporting provides our clients with detailed information that allows them to receive the data they need to make optimal advertising decisions.


Location is key. Choosing the right target and reaching the right buyers in real-time is crucial to ensuring a successful campaign.


Traditional location-based marketing and advertising costs are a thing of the past. Our advanced mobile technology provides our clients with a lot more reach for a lot less money.


Our superior reporting system is unique. We use state-of-the-art technology to collect data that gives our clients the information they need to make optimal marketing decisions.

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